Crescent Former

High Speed Crescent Former Tissue Paper Machine

Crescent Former:

The modern tissue-making processes puts great emphasis on the operation speeds of the tissue machines. The crescent former is the solution. HANTONG MACHINERY provides its own crescent former concept with a hydraulic headbox. The headbox can be delivered in a standard single-ply version or in a two-ply design.

The Crescent former framing is a cantilevered structure, made of stainless steel and designed for easy and fast wire changing operation. The water drained around the forming roll is directed by a deflector into the main saveall embedded in the framing. The forming roll is a plain roll with rubber cover, driven by a sectional drive. Wire run accessories, such as wire stretchers, automatic tension control, wire guiding are part of the Crescent former section.

Main parts

  • Supporting structure
  • Forming roll with bearings & housings, wire guide rolls with bearings & housings, pneumatic wire guide, wire stretching, wire tension control
  • Oscillating doctor for forming roll
  • Oscillating doctors for guide rolls
  • Showering system of wire part, incl. low-pressure showers and high-pressure oscillating shower
  • Chemicals wire shower
  • Savealls for water collecting and discharging from forming part
  • Wire deflector, walkways and ladders, soleplates


  • Equipment for roll change and wire installation
  • Forming roll mechanical drive
  • Controls
  • High pressure water distribution piping, including pump

Main Technical Parameters:
  • basic paper weight: 13-14g/m2
  • paper width: 2400/2880/3500mm
  • wroking speed: 500-1200mm/min

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