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  • Pulp Fiber Separator
  • Pulp Fiber Separator
  • Pulp Fiber Separator
Pulp Fiber SeparatorPulp Fiber SeparatorPulp Fiber Separator

Pulp Fiber Separator

  • Process material: waste paper pulp
  • Fuction: pulp cleaning
  • Capacity: 50-500 T/D
  • Motor: 37-280KW
  • Product description: pulp fiber separator pulping equipment

  The impurity separator is mainly used to separate thelight and heavy impurities from the pulp, and to slush the stock that came fromthe pulper a second time. It is actually equal to an integrated equipment thathas both horizontal hydrapulper and pulp cleaner. It simplified the procedureand reduced the consumption of pulping benefited from its compact structure andmultifunction. What’s more important, the pulp pump is located in the rear ofthe machine to prevent the pump from blocking. Therefore, this separator hasthe ability to deal with the waste paper that contains a mass of impurities.    
The main parameters
Model ZDF31 ZDF32 ZDF33 ZDF34
Throughput M3/n 100-150 200-250 250-300 300-400
Into the plasma concentration% 2.5-5 2.5-5 2.5-5 2.5-5
Motor Power KW Y250M-6/37 Y280S-6/45 Y280M 1 -6/55 Y280M 2 -6/75