Waste Paper Pulping Equipment

  • High Speed Pulp Washer
  • High Speed Pulp Washer
  • High Speed Pulp Washer
High Speed Pulp WasherHigh Speed Pulp WasherHigh Speed Pulp Washer

High Speed Pulp Washer

  • Process material: waste paper pulp
  • Fuction: pulp cleaning
  • Capacity: 10-100 T/D
  • Motor: 15-75KW
  • Product description: pulp washer pulp washing machine pulp cleaning machine

  ZNGX high speed washer is another successful product which is developed by our company through absorbing the foreign advanced technology. It is an up-to-date concentrating and washing machine for deinked stock, with many features such as high washing efficiency, small floor coverage, easy installation and operation, rarely fiber waste. Only one set of this machine will be able to clean the stock completely without any following washing devices, and the stock can be sent to the screw press washer directly that simplified the procedure and saved the cost. 
Type ZNGX500 ZNGX1000 ZNGX1500 ZNGX2000 ZNGX2500 
Consistency of inflow pulp% 0.5-1.5
Consistency of outflow pulp% 10-15
Capacity of production (t/d) 10-20 20-30 40-60 60-80 90-100
Width (mm) 690 1190 1690 2190 2690
Power of motor YCT225-4B/15 YCT280-4A/30 YCT315-4B/45 YCT355-4A/55 YCT355-4G/75