OCC Pulping Equipment

  • D Type Hydrapulper
  • D Type Hydrapulper
D Type HydrapulperD Type Hydrapulper

D Type Hydrapulper

  • Process material: waste paper
  • Fuction: pulp&paper breaking
  • Capacity: 20-400T/D
  • Motor: 75-500KW
  • Product description: hydrapulper waste pape pulping machine pulper

  The energy-saving Vokes rotor is asignificant feature of D-type hydrapulper, which is faster and has higher frequency.Compared with the traditional pulper, it saved a lot of pulping time,meanwhile, it improved the production capacity with no need for increasingmotive power and working space. The rotor and the outlet plate of D-type pulperis higher than the tank’s floor plane, therefore an eddy current caused by lowpressure will be generated around the rotor, and the heavy impurity also can bepushed into the trashwell because the impact of the eddy.
The main parameters of the D-type vertical Hydrapulper

Nominal volume m3 5 10 15 20 25 30
Production capacity t/d 25-40 60-75 80-120 120-160 150-180 180~250
The concentration of pulping% 3 — 5%
Equipped with motor(KW) Y280M2-6/75 Y315L1-6/110 Y355M1-6/160 Y355M4-6/200 Y355L3-6/250KW Y355L3-6/280